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Relax in the comfortable surroundings of our Cocktail Bar or in the afternoon sun in our outdoor terrace. 

Our highly skilled team of bartenders have created one of the most interesting drinks menus in the city using the very best ingredients and spirits. All our syrups and purees are made fresh in house. Every product we serve in the bar has been thoughtfully considered.    

Comfortable, inviting and with a great atmosphere, this is the perfect spot to take your date for a memorable after dinner drink and cocktail show. 

Our cocktail bar menu features tried and true classics as well as innovative twists and original creations. Let yourself be guided towards a cocktail that’s exactly to your liking. To soak everything up, don’t hesitate to order a snack.  

Fresh Pond Cocktail Club is a relaxed crafty cocktail bar that combines seasonal, locally sourced ingredients with modern bartending techniques to craft seriously high standard cocktails. Its creative approach has granted it a solid reputation, being one of the hot spots in Ridgewood. 

Come by around 5PM, the place turns into a bar with a very special and lively atmosphere, bringing visitors and guests together over delicious beers and exceptional craft cocktails. 

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